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Welcome to The Sustainability Mafia : An Ecosystem for Climate Action and Sustainability Solutions 💚

Anirudh GuptaCurator
Founding Director @ SusMafia
Welcome to all you climate action and sustainability heroes :) 5 Simple Steps to Get Started: 1) Edit your photo and bio from your 'Profile' settings, so we know who you are, for better collaborations. Recommended format - {Your Role... (More)
Did you know that moving to a more sustainable lifestyle can also be fun and like playing a game?? Watch these Testimonial highlights to know why people who used NHL (NatureHealers.Life), loved it! Climate change is no longer a... (More)
Hello All, Our Advocacy Publication V1, a bouquet of 4 ideas is published. You can download BUILDING A POST COVID_RESILIENT INDIA and our Presentation here ... It has been an absolute pleasure working with Radhica Kanniganti Shalini Patwal @[[Hari... (More)