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new ideas
new ideas

Hi All, For all who missed attending our Policy Advocacy team Sus-Shot on Feb 20th, PFA ! Many thanks to our co-contributors Jai Asundi Vinay Prashant Sriram Kuchimanchi, Hiranmay and Sri Hari Bala. As Jai rightly summarised, we need to... (More)
Just heard about an interesting project - pre-paid meters for irrigation in Bangladesh. Farmers will be provided a pre-paid metered connection for accessing water for irrigation. Will go a long way towards efficient water consumption for irrigation which presently stands... (More)
Dear Sustainability Mafia community! A while ago, there was the idea of writing a whitepaper by the Mafia. Based on deep practitioner experience in this community, it would be aimed at Government and other decision makers like investors etc., and... (More)
Arjun P GuptaMafioso
Founder & CEO @ Smart Joules
“the most comprehensive studies of genius by social scientists have demonstrated that geniuses do not appear at random. Instead, genius clusters.” — let’s make the Mafia a genius cluster