Diageo, a global leader in alcoholic beverages with over 200 outstanding brands, is offering funded pilots to innovators with solutions to four of our pressing sustainability challenges:

1) Low Carbon Heat : Madhusudhan Rao , Arjun P Gupta , Maddy Anand , Ravi Kumar , Lakshmi Santhanam
2) Water Stress Mitigation : Amogh Deshmukh , Ganesh Shankar , Rushva Parihar , Radhica Kanniganti
3) Smallholder Farm Resource Efficiency : Clementine Chambon , Tarang Patel , Rajesh Kasturirangan
4) Glass Bottle Design and Reduction of Wastage : Chandrashekar Bhat M , Anish Malpani

For more info - https://www.diageo.com/en/society-2030/

If you're interested, write to Yoachim Haynes - yoachim.haynes@cleantech.com

Thanks Corporado Mili Srivastava for sharing this opportunity with the Mafia :)