Hello All, Our Advocacy Publication V1, a bouquet of 4 ideas is published. You can download BUILDING A POST COVID_RESILIENT INDIA and our Presentation here https://www.susmafia.org/advocacy ... It has been an absolute pleasure working with Radhica Kanniganti Shalini Patwal Hari Dilip Kumar and Anirudh Gupta many thanks to our contributors Vinay Prashant @Hiranmay @Sri Hari Jai Asundi Sriram Kuchimanchi . In addition, each topic has an individual tab that leads to that particular chapter. If you could connect us to Public Agencies like Niti Aayog/ DULT or Institutions like IISC for further explorations or research kindly to reach us at info@ecocollab.com , radhica@gmail.com, shalinipatwal.consultant@gmail.com, hari.coding@gmail.com