Sustainable livelihoods with low value waste plastic. Using waste plastic in pavement blocks.

- Each brick contains upto 250 grams of low value waste plastic/MLP
- These blocks can be made in any shape/color or design as that of a cement only interlocking tile.
- Our treatment of plastic has ensured superior binding to cement otherwise not possible without compromising on the strength of block.
- A brick containing 250gms (or circa 200 chips packets)of waste plastic shows a compressive strength of 22.5 MpA.
- This compressive strength is suitable for foot path and light vehicles i.e. cars, bikes and light loading vehicles.
- These bricks offer all the features of fire resistance, durability and versatility as that of any concrete interlocking tile
- These tiles on breakage can be recycled by breaking up into aggregate size pieces and reused again