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Arjun P GuptaMafioso
Founder & CEO @ Smart Joules
The experience unpacking an Apple product and using it for the first time is delightful as it's designed to appeal to your intuition. Though it's probably first time you're unpacking an iPad Magic Keyboard, you feel like you've done it... (More)
Anirudh GuptaCurator
Founding Director @ SusMafia
Diageo, a global leader in alcoholic beverages with over 200 outstanding brands, is offering funded pilots to innovators with solutions to four of our pressing sustainability challenges: 1) Low Carbon Heat : Madhusudhan Rao , Arjun P Gupta , @[[Maddy... (More)
Anirudh GuptaCurator
Founding Director @ SusMafia

What are your favourite stories/cases of companies in India that have embedded sustainability (environmental & socio-economic) seriously in their core corporate DNA?

Sharing a fantastic repository of case studies on this topic from GreenCo

Also, my shortlist of climate action champions:

  1. Diageo India ~ @Mili Srivastava
  2. ITC
  3. Hindustan Unilever
  4. TCS
  5. Wipro
  6. Mahindra
  7. Tata Sons
  8. Godrej
  9. TCS Motor
  10. Amazon India
  11. The Coca... (More)