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Pratiksha More
Sustainability 101 podcast - Founder and Podcast Host
‚ô•ÔłŹHey there, Pratiksha hereūü§©. I am a Podcaster. Podcasts are similar to talk shows or Radio and you can listen to them anytime, anywhere! My podcast enlightens listeners in Sustainabilityūüėá and Climate Changeūüė• I invite interesting personalities, who are indu... (More)
Jai AsundiMafioso
Executive Director @ CSTEP
A foundation is looking to align their internal and external MIS systems with SDG indicators.
Are there any consultants here who might be able to do this for them?
Please message me your contact information. Thanks!
Anirudh GuptaCurator
Founding Director @ SusMafia
Fascinating new model from a company in the UK, for retail investors to get involved in impact investing!

Kaustubh Padakannaya & Shailendra Singh
Anirudh GuptaCurator
Founding Director @ SusMafia

Marketing insights from a test-campaign on Instagram, relevant to everyone in our ecosystem!

I ran an experimental Instagram promotional campaign on a graphic for 8 days recently. My only target filters were:

  1. Target Geography - Pan India
  2. Target Audience - Everyone following or inclined toward #climate and #sustainability tags & posts
  3. Target Gender... (More)