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Hi All, For all who missed attending our Policy Advocacy team Sus-Shot on Feb 20th, PFA ! Many thanks to our co-contributors Jai Asundi Vinay Prashant Sriram Kuchimanchi, Hiranmay and Sri Hari Bala. As Jai rightly summarised, we need to... (More)
Jai AsundiMafioso
Executive Director @ CSTEP
For all: Science and technology are the drivers of modern life, touching us in unimaginable ways. Yet, citizens are often unaware of how science and technology interact with society and how they can be utilised effectively. CSTEP’s Discussion Series on... (More)
Rajesh KasturiranganPlaneteer
Founder & CEO @ Socratus Foundation
This fellowship might be of interest to mafiosos - a bit expensive since it's first world pricing but still:
Karthikeyan V RaajPlaneteer
Sustainability Novice | Financial Wiz
Hi all, Happy to be a part of the tribe. Thanks to Ganesh Shankar FluxGen Engg Tech for introducing me to SusMafia. I am a founder at financial consulting firm and a fintech Saas product firm in stealth mode.... (More)