Dear Sustainability Mafia community!

A while ago, there was the idea of writing a whitepaper by the Mafia. Based on deep practitioner experience in this community, it would be aimed at Government and other decision makers like investors etc., and would enable us to "build back better" and create a more resilient India by investing in sustainability solutions - especially like those in the Mafia!

I am happy to say that v1 of the paper - based on all your inputs and suggestions - is finally ready! We chose 4 key proposals to start with (out of more than 20 ideas) in this initial version based on a consultative process. (All the ideas were intriguing, and we'd be happy to develop some of them for further versions of the "product" as we go along).

Anyway - please find attached our first release of the paper. I request your feedback on taking this paper and initiative forward. Some questions I request everyone to think especially:

(1) Who do you think should read this paper specifically? What actions would you like them to take after reading this paper?
(2) How do you suggest we create more engagement around sustainable solutions and this paper? E.g. by panel discussion, or by byte sized videos etc?
(3) How do we develop, as a group, more long-term strategic advocacy (with specific Govt, industrial, corporate, investor stakeholders etc) to bring more investment and business to the solutions of the type the Mafia provides?

Interested to hear your feedback and suggestions. Especially request from Jai Asundi as he might have experience on this.

-with the team Radhica Kanniganti Arundhati Sett Rohan Suresh Anirudh Gupta Shalini Karpagam